Seven Day Countdown

I am leaving for Ireland in seven days. I will return to the US…at some point.

Things I have not done:
-Organized my bedroom to be used for guests while I’m gone
-Printed copies of my passport and ID
-Suspended my American health insurance
-Charged or loaded my Kindle
-Actually packed
-Waterproofed all my shoes (have you heard it rains in Ireland?)
-Spent enough time with the people I will miss
-Decided what I’m doing after 6/27, the day I am required to leave Ireland
-Stockpiled adequate travel kibble
-Budgeted. Nope.

Things I have, against all odds, done:
-Stashed digital copies of all important documents on a secure server
-Procured health insurance for the duration of my trip
-Ordered Euros and Pounds from my bank (no fee if you have an account!)
-Sent my brother my master password in case I go missing/fall off a cliff in rural Donegal County
-Printed the necessary travel documents
-Measured my bag to make sure it fits Norwegian’s strict limits (IT DOES)


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