I’m writing again

I stopped writing for a while. It was a complicated decision, but just as much a thing that happened organically. Ironically, I’m planning on writing an essay about it, but not now, not today.


Today I’m here to say hi and admit that I am as guilty as everyone else on the planet of abandoning a blog. To be fair, I started this blog in anticipation of my Ireland trip, which didn’t go as planned. In any case, I’ve been a writer ever since I could read The Cat in the Hat. I find it really hard to stop doing for more than a couple of months, even when I recognize that my writing habits or my relationship to writing- as a professional pursuit- are both unhealthy.

I did travel a lot. I held myself to that all year. I’m about to wrap up the year by being away for two weeks, in Wyoming of all places, and I did write an essay about that for The Billfold.

These costs do not represent gifts, treats, or holiday feasts (all three of us share a bone-deep distaste for all things Christmas, so we will not be observing). These costs exclude what we’ll spend on meals, groceries, and outings, not to mention gas between Denver, Jackson, and Lander. I’ve left out the extra warm clothing that I needed to get in order to be comfortable in a Wyoming winter. This is just what it is going to cost us to spend time—time that just happens to coincide with “the holidays”—together.

This is what it is going to cost me to sleep next to him, see his face unscrambled by spotty Wi-Fi, cook dinner and watch Pixar movies with his son, and share a pot of coffee in the morning.

Read the rest at The Billfold.

Here’s to writing more and developing a healthier relationship toward a habit I can’t break.


One thought on “I’m writing again

  1. A nice read. I find writing hard. I don’t enjoy writing that much two thirds of the time. But hey I’m getting better, and engaging with a community is the real stuff I love. Writing is difficult and I’m sure most feel like giving up all the time. Keep going! Glad to hear you’re back 😊


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